Welcome to PHR4us

Welcome to version 1.0 of PHR4us, an online guide and reference developed especially to inform newcomers to personal health records and health information technology, and to guide them in the identification, selection, and use of emerging health information technologies and resources, online and on mobile devices.

Comprehensive and accessible personal health records–PHR–will become vital components in health care, for they will enable patients–and their family members and caregivers–to participate more fully in their own own health care, and that will lead to improved health information, care, outcomes, and status.

So I recommend that you learn more About this weblog and then explore the items on the menu bar and their drop-down menus, beginning with items under Health ITHealthVault, and Help, where you will find the Beginner’s Guide. When you are ready, start working on your PHR, your own and your family’s personal health records.

– Tom

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