Put ICEBlueButton on it!

icon_iceNEW!  Free!  ICEBlueButton

Available for iOS 7 & Android devices

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Description: ICEBlueButton allows anyone to easily create an ICE (In Case of Emergency) record on their smartphone for themselves and their loved ones with easy entry of emergency medical data and contact information. Once an ICE record is created, the app generates a QR code unique to the individual profile attached to that record and a 4-digit number to unlock access to the individual ICE record. The QR code can be saved on the phone lock screen for immediate access by emergency responders. (The QR code can also be printed on stickers which can then, for example, be applied on a child’s bike helmet or skateboard or, in another example, a magnet on the fridge of an elderly person’s home).

In an emergency situation, medical personnel or attending bystanders can scan the ICEBlueButton QR code with any widely available QR code scanner and quickly learn of any medical conditions, allergies, other pertinent medical information, and the names and phone numbers of their listed emergency contacts. In addition to providing this critical information, when the QR code is scanned, ICEBlueButton automatically generates email Auto-Alerts to the emergency contacts listed for that individual, with the name of the person involved in the emergency and a map with the location of the emergency (Auto-Alerts are available with in-app purchases). Create any number of ICE records, i.e., one for yourself and ICE records for each member of your family.

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