iBlueButtonPro iBlueButton apps for iOS and Android mobile devices employ the Blue Button technology enabling patients to easily and securely download, view, and exchange health information with their healthcare providers.



The exchange of Blue Button data using iBlueButton will, typically, take place in the health professional’s office, as demonstrated in the Humetrix video, rather than remotely..


info-iconImportant. While the patient may use either an iOS or Android mobile device, the healthcare providers must use either an iPad or iPad mini mobile device. Also, a patient can only use iBlueButton to download load, view, and exchange Blue Button data from the Medicare and TriCare government portals and from the Aetna and RelayHealth commercial portals. Finally, with the release of iBlueButton 4.0, Blue Button data downloads are no longer free.


For veterans receiving health benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare system, Humetrix has a similar mobile device for their use with the myVeteHealth portal.


info-iconNote. The Android version of original iBlueButton (top of page) also includes the MyHealtheVet portal.

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