Direct: Exchanging Encrypted Messages with Providers

When you are exchanging sensitive medical records with your doctor, you might want to protect your privacy by using a program that sends encrypted messages. Encryption is a technology that encodes the contents of a message, making it difficult for an unauthorized person to view its contents.

HealthVault provides an encrypted-messaging app called Message Center. It sends messages in an encryption standard called Direct.* (source: HealthVault Help)

info-iconImportant. Direct messages can be exchanged only with other Direct messaging addresses. Ask your doctor’s office if it has a Direct messaging address. If so, you can use Message Center to exchange medical information with that office.
Exchange Encrypted Messages
1. Sign in to HealthVault.
2. Click I want to (beneath Your Account | Sign Out) on the home page.
3. Click Exchange encrypted messages with participating doctors.
If you have not used the Message Center before
4. Sign in using your HealthVault credentials.
If you have used the Message Center with another PHR in the HealthVault and another person’s name appears,

4. Click change user.
5. Select whose information the Message Center is to access.
6. Click the Continue button.
7. Click the Allow access button.
8. Use the suggested Direct address or edit it.
9. Click Create.

Now you can use Message Center to send and receive encrypted messages with other Direct messaging addresses.

*Note: Message Center might not be available in your location.






Inbox_-_HealthVault_Message_Center 2


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