CCR – Continuity of Care Record

A Continuity of Card Record (CCR) is a summary of  a patient’s health and clinical care  in a standardized format. The CCR includes sections on allergies, medications, problems, and laboratory results, in addition to patient header information. The CCR and the CCD (Continuity of Care Document) are part of U.S. federal incentives for the adoption of electronic health records, known as Meaningful Use. “To be certified for this federal program, an Electronic Health Record must be able to generate a CCD (or equivalent CCR). More …

A CCR, extracted from an Electronic Health Record (EHR), may be available to patients for download to their PHRs in HealthVault. For example, the BlueCross BlueShield Federal Employee Program gives patients the option of downloading their CCR as an XML file which they can then upload into the CCR portion of their HealthVault PDR.

traffic_lightAdd a CCR to HealthVault PHR. If one of the sources of your health information offers downloading of the CCR, then

1. download the file (e.g., ccr.xml),
2. click Health Information on the home page of your HealthVault  PHR,
3. click the plus (+) for the Continuity of Care Record (CCR),
4. Choose the downloaded CCR file,
5. add a description, and then
6. click the Save button and wait for the CCR to be uploaded.

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