ccmenoMoreClipboard, a HealthVault-enabled app, offers a feature that makes it easy for a healthcare provider to transmit to you your health information in a standard Continuity of Care Document (CCD). Once you have a noMoreCLipboard account, you create a free email address  (e.g., <yourname> to which your or your healthcare provider can securely upload and download your health information.

One unique feature provided by this service is a document, “Hey Doc, cc:Me”, which you print out or email to your physician or hospital. It is an instruction sheet that includes your cc:Me email address and  instructions on uploading or posting the CCD to your personal health address. Also, the sheet has a bar code so that it may be used as a fax cover sheet to fax to your email address printed lab reports and other documents not in electronic form. Once the information has been sent to your cc:Me address, you can store it in your NoMoreClipboard account and populate your personal health record in , for example, HealthVault, minimizing the need to enter data yourself.

If cc:Me interests you, be sure to visit the cc:Me page to learn more about it,  what your doctor may say about all this, and why your doctor may be truly interested, now, or very soon.


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