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December 9. Links to more recommended mobile apps on the sister weblog, gotCLL, added to Recommended Apps page.

December 5. myMediConnect has announced that its PHR service will no longer be available after January 1, 2015; therefore, all links and references to it have been removed from PHR4us.

November 26. New masthead, adding several images for mobile device apps and for Microsoft Health and MSN Health & Fitness, in anticipation of expanded coverage in 2015.

November 13. Added Please RT  to sidebar and began @PHR4us tweeting.

June 14. Redesigned/added multiple ICEmaker pages; Updated: Wallet Cards; Added: Notices | Site Map link; Added: plea for Feedback in the sidebar; Added to menu bar: Informing Others | Portable PHRs | ICEmaker & Using ICEmaker.

June 13. Updated: ICEmaker and Put ICE on it! Added: ICEBlueButton; Posted: In Case of Emergency.

June 7. Added: ICEmaker to Informing Others | Portable PHRs on the menu bar, and What is ICE?

March 20. Added: FDA: Apps & PHR to the Introduction to Apps page,  Making the Most Out of Your Patient Portal to Patient Portals page, and Medical App Journal to Recommended Apps page.


March 15. Added iMedicalApps to Recommended Apps page.


March 11. Added If you build a patient portal, why won’t they come? to the Patient Portals page.

March 4. Added a link to to the PHR & Providers drop-down menu.

February 6. Revised masthead image to include WebMD health manager PHR and added a reference to it on The PHR.


February 5. Updates this News page and added the page, PHR – Security & Privacy.


December 17. BlueCross/BlueShield (FEP) offers a new PHR powered by WebMD health services. Theoretically and practically, this a is setback for HealthVault users, as CCR downloads are no longer available, possibly making HealthVault updates of some BC/BS health information much more difficult.


December 1. Update on BlueCross/BlueShield (FEP) CCR issues (see: Beginners’ Guide – 3).

September 23. Released version 1.0 of PHR4us weblog.

September 9. Announcing… PHR4us – Personal Health Records for Us – a beginners’ guide and reference for PHR.  Please visit, explore, and share the link to this new weblog.  [posted on Microsoft HealthVault Facebook]

September 9. Leave a Reply now allowed on most posts and pages.

September 4. Call for beta testers as date for version 1.0 nears. [update]

August 8. myMediConnect no longer offers record retrieval service. [Source: Tim Olsen | Account Management | Verisk Health – MediConnect]

August 6. Beginning today, HealthVault users can create their own personal HealthVault apps. More →

July 31A Call for Help →

July 31. PHR4us has been developed, substantially, in July: As of the 31st it has 59 published pages.

July 9. Coming soon, the PHR4us Forum.

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June 26. Microsoft Bing Health and Fitness App for Windows 8.1 Syncs with HealthVault

June 19. Health Records Privacy in California – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

June 17. NPR Morning Edition: Smartphones Help Bridge Gaps in Electronic Medical Records (audio 4:37)

May 15Don’t Forget: Electronic Health Records Are Benefiting Patients