Updating Your PHR with Blue Button

BlueButtonBlue Button is a federally initiated and developed standard and technology for downloading, uploading, and sharing health information. Using Blue Button, you can download your health information from myMedicare, TriCare Online, and such health insurers as BlueCross BlueShield, UnitedHealthCare, and Aetna.

The Blue Button data are formatted such that they are human and machine readable. Thus, you, your physicians and other healthcare providers, HealthVault, and numerous web-based and mobile device apps can read and process Blue Button data.


Blue Button TXT data

Downloading  Medicare Data with Blue Button

After signing in to the myMedicare.gov account and clicking OK,
on this page, click the BlueButton.


click to see enlarged image

Next, select the information you want to download.


click to see enlarged image

Then click the click the Download txt button or link.


click to see enlarged image

traffic_lightUse Blue Button to Download Information. Given you had previously created your myMedicare.com account (if not, see: How to do I sign in for the first time?), add some of your Medicare health information to your HealthVault PHR:

1. Log in to your myMedicare.gov account.
2. Click on the Blue Button icon.
3. Select what information you wanted to download.
4. Check the box for Protecting your personal health information.
5. Click the Submit button.
6. Click the
Download txt button, then
7. Name the file and click Save.

Uploading Your Blue Button Data

Once you have downloaded your Blue Button data, it’s simply a matter of uploading it into your PHR in HealthVault.

traffic_lightUploading Blue Button Data.Having downloaded your health information with Blue Button, you are ready to upload the data into your HealthVault PHR.

1. Sign in to HealthVault.
2. On the PHR home page, click Health Information.
3. Click Documents (File)>
4. Click the Add Documents (file) button.
5. Choose the Blue Button file you downloaded.
6. Add a description (e.g., Betty’sMedicareBBTXT20130622).
7. Click the Save button, and wait for the upload to complete.

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