Creating a PHR

Creating a PHR Using the HealthVault information technology is relatively easy and straightforward.

First, you are required to have a Microsoft Account (previously called a Microsoft ‘Live’ Account) before setting up a HealthVault account.  If you are already using Hotmail, SkyDrive, or Xbox LIVE, you have a Microsoft Account. Incidently,  both your Microsoft Account and your HealthVault account are free.

Second, when you visit the HealthVault page you sign in with the email address and password you use for your Microsoft Account, and then proceed to set up your HealthVault account.

When you sign in to HealthVault, your demographic information from your Microscoft Account is used for the initial PHR in HealthVault (you can add other PHRs for other family members, too.)

Here is the PHR home page of our sweetheart, Betty Boop (I think she fudged on her age).


click to see an enlarged image

When she clicked on the Health Information icon, the second page of her PHR, with more of her health information, appeared.


click to see an enlarged image

When she clicked the plus sign (+) beside each health item, she was able to enter and edit that health information in her PHR. For example, when she had clicked the + beside Allergies, she began to entery her allergy information.


click to see an enlarged image

When she clicked the Save button, she returned to the PHR home page and saw her allergy listed.


Later, when she clicked on Allergies, she was able to see and edit all the allergy information she had entered.


click to see an enlarged image

It’s that simple! If Betty Boop could do it, so can you.

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