Accessing HealthVault

HealthVault_logoThe Microsoft HealthVault is a free and trustworthy service for patients’ storage, access, and use of their own personal health records (PHR).


Connect from the web, Windows, Windows Phone, iPhone, and more.

A HealthVault PHR can be accessed with a variety of mobile and computer apps and web browsers, either directly or indirectly.  Patients can add to and update the PHR, download the information in it, and share the information with caregivers and providers, in standardized, useable, and readable formats.

Browser Access

Patients can access the Microsoft HealthVault home page, directly, by using web browsers (e.g, IE Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

    • to learn about the HealthVault and personal health record,
    • to create a required Microsoft Live account,
    • to create a HealthVault account,
    • to sign in to the HealthVault, and
    • to create and access their personal health records (PHR) in the HealthVault.

Using any of those browsers, they can also access the HealthVault, indirectly, when they visit a number of websites designed to offer a more user-friendly and enabling interface for entering and displaying information in  the HealthVault.

For example, when it comes to entering, reporting, and sharing health information related to heart health in HealthVault, Heart360 is a very impressive and easy-to-use browser-based application. HealthVault users can view a video tour, then sign up, setup, and use Heart360 to enter and edit blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol  weight, physical activity, and medications data and generate clear and useful reports for themselves or for sharing with their physicians and other caregivers.


Windows 8 Access

Those with Windows 8 computers can use the computer app, HealthVault for Windows 8, instead of a browser, to access the HealthVault, directly.


HealthVault Mobile Device Apps

Several mobile device apps have been developed specifically for direct HealthVault access. Included are apps for iPhone/iPad, WindowsPhone, and Windows Tablet.

iPhoneHV WindowsPhoneHV WindowsTabletHV

Many other web-based and mobile device apps which connect with and enhance the use of HealthVault are available for installation on the Microsoft HealthVault Apps page.

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