Patient Portals: Kaiser Permanente

If you are a dreamer, as I am, you might say we must be dreaming when you hear about Kaiser Permanente’s patient portal.

You’ll literally see what I mean when you view the videos and related web pages linked to, below.

KP Show & Tell

Introduction to Kaiser Permanente (1:45)

KP Tours

Choose_Innovation___Kaiser_Permanente_®_Thrive 2

A few tips on navigating the site so you won’t be confused or miss something.

1. Click the image, left, to go to the site.
2. On the site, click the white arrows, left and right, to meet different patients, then
3. Click Watch Now for their videos.


4. Click other sections of the column headed with Meet Judy for more information and tours of Kaiser Permanente’s system, especially:

        Electronic Health record – KP HealthConnect (4:16)

        My Health Manager

        Innovation Center – Watch an Inside Tour



sum2This is a fancy, fascinating, but somewhat difficult site to navigate.

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