An Introduction to Health IT

Slowly–oh so slowly–we are beginning to see important advances in health information technology (Health IT).   Health IT includes, the information technologies used in health maintenance, health care, and health insurance, including:

  • computer hardware and networks;
  • standards and protocols;
  • programs and apps;
  • electronic databases and records;
  • websites, patient portals, browsers, and mobile devices; even
  • personal medical devices used by patients.

Some of the most important developments in Health IT are federally developed, promoted, incentivized, and mandated policies and technologies enabling patients’ access to and use of their health information.

By using and sharing health information stored in personal health records (PHR) which they create, maintain, and manage, patients are better able to:

  • participate in their own healthcare;
  • access and share more complete and accurate healthcare information;
  • understand their health information, health status, and healthcare;

And, furthermore, these patients receive better healthcare,  with better health outcomes, more cost-effectively.

Health IT, Health Information, and Your Personal Health Records (PHR)


For a brief introduction to Health IT and the idea of patients managing their own personal health information, view Health IT For You – Giving You Access To Your Medical Records. It’s a 3-minute video explaining this important, emerging development.

Next, visit Health IT for You where you will quickly learn how, using Health IT,  you can become much more involved in your own health care.

Then, to better understand Health IT and make it work for you:

  • explore this website;
  • learn about Health IT resources available to you and what have to offer;
  • complete the suggested steps along the way;  and 
  • return frequently to PHR4us for new information and resources.

The Ultimate Objectives

The ultimate objectives are for you

  • to participate more fully in your own  healthcare, and
  • to understand and improve your health status and your healthcare

by intelligently creating, maintaining, managing, and using your own PHR–and PHR for other family members–with PHR4us here to inform and guide you.

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