TruCrypt – Encrypting the PHR on a USB Flash Drive


TruCrypt is free encryption software for Windows, Mac and Linux systems which you may use to secure your PHR information on a USB flash drive. While many beginners might not be up to the task, some will want to give it a try, especially if they have some experience in installing and using applications on their computers.

If you have a 2-4+ GB USB flash/thumb drive to spare for your PHR, you can install TruCrypt on your computer and then setup the USB drive to secure your PHR on it.

If you are interested:

traffic_lightPrepare an Encrypted UBS Drive.

  • Read the CNET review of TruCrypt (but DON’T download it from the CNET site!)
  • Download the version you need from the TruCrypt website.
  • Install TruCrypt on your computer.
  • Go through the TruCrypt Beginner’s Tutorial before attempting to install and use TruCrypt.
  • Plug your USB flash drive into your computer.
  • Rename the USB drive, if you prefer a more appropriate name.*
  • Following the TruCrypt Tutorial, prepare the USB drive for encryption.
  • Copy your PHR information (e.g., Blue Button files, HealthVault Emergency PHR, Advance Directives) to the password protected, encrypted workspace on the USB drive, which will appear on your computer as a new mounted drive, NONAME,
  • Rename the workspace if you prefer more appropriate name.*

*I renamed NONAME, the default workspace name, to the volume name I used, MY-PHR, and renamed my USB flash drive from KINGSTON to PHR2GO. 


On a Mac OS X system, you see the encrypted PHR file, My-PHR, with several Ble Button files stored in it on the USB drive named KINGSTON.


On a Windows system, TruCrypt uses partition letters rather than ‘slot’ numbers, for the encrypted files on the USB drive.

See a snapshot gallery showing the the use of the Mac OS X version of TruCrypt.

And if you are successful in preparing a USB flash drive for encrypted PHR information, there is more help: Adding/Removing Information on an Encrypted USB Flash Drive

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