Add Your Information to your ICE USB

To begin,

1. add all the information that is to be encrypted to a folder named ICE 4 [yourname] which you create in the My ICEmaker folder (see the next image);

2. select the option to use–SecurStick7Z, or SecureAccess;

3. copy the content of that option’s  folder to the ICE USB.

4. run the encryption software on the ICE USB;

5. drag/drop the content of ICE 4 [yourname] –the content to be encrypted–to the USB; e.g.,

ICE 4 Buster Boop

for SecurStick:

drag/drop the content to the window for the X drive which opens after logging in;

for Keka:

drag/drop the content to the Keka icon on the Dock;

for PeaZip:

drag/drop the content to the PeaZip My Vault window;

for SecureAccess:

drag/drop the content to the the SecureAccess window.

6. test the content of the ICE USB by clicking on some of its encrypted content on the ICE USB; then try extracting some to your Desktop;

7. exit the encryption software to complete the encryption process.

Now, return to Using ICEmaker →

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