Using ICEmaker

Here the steps to follow for getting started, learning and practice, adding information to  your ICE USB, and making ICE wallet cards:

1. Select the USB flash drive you will use for your ICE USB.

Recommended: Preferably, a newer model, empty of content, with a capacity of at least 4GB.

Recommended. If you have a SanDisk USB, you need to decide whether to useSanDisk SecureAccess 2.0 software or the 7z Zip software. You might want to try out both, then choose one to use.

2. Download file, ICEmaker_1.0b4.7z from which My ICEmaker may be extracted.

Note: While most computers have software for extracting (unzipping) .7z files, if by chance yours doesn’t, then download  Keka (for Mac) or PeaZip (for Windows), for Windows), the password to unzip ICEmaker is: Temp#123.

3. Next, learn and practice how to make and ICE USB.

Note: Hereafter, unless other noted, ICE USB means that with which you are working: the actual ICE USB flash drive or the ICE USB (proxy) folder.

You should be prepared to learn more about ICEmaker and its software options, to practice adding encrypted content to you ICE USB,  and to password-protect it.

Go to ICEmaker on Macintosh or ICEmaker on Windows. You will return, will, here, when you have finished.

4. Now, add your PHR and ICE information to your ICB USB.

5. Finally, make ICE wallet cards.


– If you have been working with the ICE USB proxy instead of the actualICE USB, copy the entire contents of it to the actual ICE USB.

– Maintain (routinely update) all your PHR and ICE information in the My ICE Info folder.

– Backup the entire ICE USB folder, using encryption software (i.e., SanDiskSecureAccessV2Keka, or PeaZip), to another USB or to cloud storage.

– Occasionally check ICEmaker and the encryption software for updates, and update them in My ICEmaker when they’ve changed.

–  Make ICE USBs for others.

*Our special thanks to Matthias Withopf for this fine program. Please visit his website to check for updates and for feedback.

Please use Feedback on the menu bar to submit your questions, suggestions, or corrections.


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