Adding/Removing Information on an Encrypted USB Flash Drive

Assuming you have previously created an TruCrypt-encrypted USB flash drive, here are the steps to follow to add/remove information to the password-proteced, encrypted workspace (e.g., MyPHR) on the USB flash drive (e.g., PHR2GO):

traffic_lightTo Add/Remove Information to  TruCyrpt-encrypted USB Flash Drive.

  • Insert USB flash drive in computer.
  • Run the TruCrypt app.
  • Click Select File.
  • Select MyPHR, then click Open.
  • Click Mount.
  • Enter the Password.
  • Double-click the slot with volume info, e.g.,
    –the secure MyPHR workspace will open
    where files may be added/removed–
  • Copy files to or delete files from the MyPHR workspace.

When finished.

      • Close the MyPHR workspace window.
      • Click Dismount.
      • Click Close.
      • Click the PHR2GO drive on the desktop, then
      • Click Eject “PHR2GO”.

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