Securing the PHR on USB Flash/Thumb Drives

You may decide to create a portable PHR on a USB flash (thumb) drive. If you do, it is crucial that the PHR is secure, encrypted and protected with a password.

Here is some good advice from the Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami:

info-iconFlash Drive Security – Three Basic Rules.

The most important rule for flash drive security — or for the security of any portable storage media — is also the simplest to state:

If you can follow the first rule, you don’t need to read any further.  If you must keep sensitive information on a flash drive, then the second and third rules are critical:

  • Keep the flash drive safely in your possession or otherwise locked up in a safe place, just like any valuable object.
  • Use a drive with built-in access control and encryption protection, and use that feature.  Don’t count on your ability to never lose the drive, or never have it stolen.

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more_iconMore on this. If you have a USB flash drive to spare for your portable PHR and feel adventuresome, then give ICEmaker a try. continue reading →

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