Portable PHR

Once you have created a PHR you can produce portable copies of some of health information. Portable means on paper or on a USB flash/thumb drive.

You can keep a printout of your emergency profile in the glove compartment of your car and in your refrigerator, and give copies to family members or caregivers. You can print a wallet card with emergency information on it to carry with you at all times. And you might store the emergency profile or wallet card as a PDF file on a thumb drive which you keep on your keychain. Emergency personnel are trained to look for such health information in a glove compartment, refrigerator, wallet, or purse.

more_iconProfiles & Cards. Click An Emergency Profile and Wallet Cards on the Informing Others drop-down menu to learn how to use HealthVault and HealthVault-enabled apps to prepare an emergency profile, medical summary, and wallet card.

Securing the PHR on USB Flash/Thumb Drives.  Continue reading →

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