Giving Others Access

Both HealthVault and some HealthVault-enabled offer means of giving to others access to health information in your PHR. They may include family members, personal caregivers, healthcare providers, and even HealthVault-enabled apps.

In HealthVault you can share access to with specific persons, and customize the information each will be able to access. You begin my clicking on Sharing on the PHR home page. You will see who has what type of access to your information, and will, by clicking the blue button, be able to Share health information with someone you trust.


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You initiate sharing by completing a page on which you:

  • enter the email address of the person with which you want to  share information
  • check of the specific information items you want to share with that person,
  • select the type of access they are to have, and
  • create a specific access code, that will be known only to you the the person being given access, and
  • send an invitation to them to accept the sharing invitation.

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info-iconGiving Healthcare Professionals Access. Although it is possible to share access to your HealthVault with healthcare professionals, apparently Microsoft has a problem with non-personal, professional access and use. For more on the issue, see PHR & Providers.)


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And many HealthVault-enabled apps need to access and share information. In those cases, when an app is installed, HealthVault asks you for permission to do so.



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App Reports

Here are several more examples to information reports that yu can sent to whomever you choose.





Heart360_-_Generate_reports copy

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