An Emergency Profile

An Emergency Profile is a subset of your PHR which may be accessible online, on a profile sheet, wallet card, or USB thumb drive by family members, emergency personnel, and healthcare providers. HealthVault and HealthVault-enabled apps have features enabling you to create and manage your emergency profile resources.


In HealthVault, you can


click to see an enlarged image

  • print an emergency profile sheet optionally with an access code to your emergency profile information online.
  • print a wallet-size card with health profile information on it and also, an access code o your emergency profile information online.
  • print the profile sheet or wallet card to a file in PDF format on a USB thumb drive, on a keychain. Then in an emergency you can give the drive to emergency personnel or healthcare providers for viewing or printout.

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You access the Emergency Profile page by clicking Emergency Profile beneath the  blue box containing your first name (and photo or avatar). On that page you have options for creating the emergency profile sheet, the wallet card, and accessing emergency-related apps. On Betty Boop’s emergency profile sheet you can see the categories of information it will have. [Betty hasn’t entered much of her health information, yet.]

Incidentally, the barcode and number on the emergency profile sheet enables emergency personnel and others to access your emergency profile online. An access code can be cancelled at any time.

HealthVault-enabled Apps

Various HealthVault-enabled apps provide means for creating

  • an emergency profile,
  • a medical summary, or other information sheet, and
  • a wallet card.

Among many that do are:


click to see an enlarged image

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