Informing Others

While it is important to maintain health information privacy and security , there are circumstances in which some family members, emergency personnel, and healthcare providers need timely access to health information in your PHR.

If you keep your PHR–no matter where or to what extent, at home, on file, in a safety deposit box, on paper or on your computer–the health information in it is not readily available, in a timely manner–if its ever accessible at all–by those who have a legitimate need-to-know for your own health benefit.

  • You can make the information safely and securely available by keeping your PHR online, in HealthVault or on some other secure, accessible commercial platform.
  • You can provide access to the PHR to those family members who may need it.
  • You can prepare a special Emergency Profile or medical summary with the vital information emergency personnel or  healthcare providers need.
  • And you can inform them of that emergency profile and facilitate its access by keeping a card in your wallet or purse. In fact, it’s routine for emergency personnel to look for such information, there.

more_iconLearn More. Click An Emergency Profile, Giving Others Access, and Wallet Cards on the Informing Others drop-down menu to learn more about these capabilities.

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