Resize My View

Some of us have a time with the fine print, whether it’s intentionally done–as on a credit card contract–or, more commonly, the size of some text on web pages. Browsers give us the ability to change the font size, up or down, but for many it’s not well known or obvious how to do it.

For those not in the know, here’s what you can do to change the size of the view of web pages:

info-iconAA. To resize your view of this blog:

Size          Windows           Mac
Larger        [Option] [ + ]    [Command] [ + ]
Smaller       [Option] [ - ]    [Command] [ - ]
Default       [Option] [ ) ]    [Command] [ ) ]

Press & hold down the [ Option  ] or [ Command ] key,
then  press the [  + ]  [ – ] or [  ) ] key one or more times.

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