Outline of Health IT Resources & Health Information Sources


This is an outline of available health information technologies (Health IT) and  accessible health information sources for patient access, management, and use of their personal health records (PHR).

Available Health IT technologies

The health information technologies that patients may use include:

  • health information platforms (HealthVault, apps)
  • personal health records (HealthVault, PHR, apps)
  • internet websites and patient portals
  • electronic health/medical health records (EHR/EMR/MHR)
  • Blue Button
  • CCR/CCD – Continuity of Care Records and Documents
  • computers and mobile devices
  • programs, browsers, and apps

Accessing Health Information from Available Sources

Patients’ health information may be available and accessed–manually, but increasingly and preferably, electronically–from various sources (using…), including:

  • federal organizations (websites, patient portals, Blue Button)
  • private health insurers (websites, patient portals, Blue Button, CCR/CCD), e.g.,
  • hospitals, clinics, group practices (patient portals, CCR/CCD), e.g.,
  • individual healthcare providers (websites, mobile device apps)
  • labs (websites, HealthVault apps), e.g.,
  • pharmacies (websites, patient portals), e.g.,
  • personal medical apps and devices (programs, apps), e.g.,
    • pulse rate monitor (app)
    • blood pressure monitor (device)
    • blood glucose monitor/meter (app, device)
  • personal records and files (paper, computer files, mobile device apps), e.g.,
    • lab report printouts
    • discharge orders
    • prescription information
    • health diaries

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