Information Boxes

The weblog uses several different types of information boxes, differentiated by background color and icons. Hover over an icon; if there is a link to more, it will indicate so.

info-iconInformation. Generally, this will be an information alert, calling attention to something of importance. In some cases, it will call for clicking on the info icon to go to another page with more information.

sum2Summation. Generally, this will be a brief summary of the topic presented on the page or an overview of the topic which will follow.

traffic_lightStop & Go. Generally, this will suggest you stop where you’re at and go on to complete a task. It may outline the steps to complete the task and may include links to other pages with additional information and guidance.

more_iconMore on this. Generally, this will indicate there is more to learn about this, but that it may deferred until later. One or more links may be included, or simply clicking on the icon may be all that is required.