Beginner’s Guide – 5. Adding PHR for Other Family Members

← 4.  Creating an Emergency Profile                                                                                         6.  Advanced Topics 
 The HealthVault is not a PHR, but a container of sorts, a place where several PHR may be securely stored, maintained, accessed, and shared. You can add PHR for other members of your family to your HealthVault account.  Continue reading →

Using HealthVault,  you can easily create a PHR for another family member. E.g.,

Create another PHR

  1. Sign In to HealthVault.
  2. Click Add another person.
    beneath the picture.
  3. Add the information for another record.
  4. Upload a picture (optional).
  5. Click the Create record button.
  6. Click Switch person to get to other PHR in the HealthVault account.


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