Beginner’s Guide – 2. Adding More Information

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Using an App to Add More Information

Assuming, now, that you have created your HealthVault account and primary PHR, and have installed your first, recommended app, it’s now time to get to work and add as much information as you can using the installed app. NoMoreClipboard enables easy and complete entry of a comprehensive amount of information. Almost certainly you will not complete the job in a single sitting, single day, or even a single week. You will discover you do not have all the information you need to enter close at hand, so you’ll need to take breaks to locate and verify it, first.

sync_with_healthvaultDon’t Forget to Sync. Each time you finish a session entering or updating information, be sure you click the Sync with HealthVault button to update and synchronize the app PHR with the HealthVault PHR. And, occasionally, go to HealthVault and examine the new information you have entered via the app, remembering that not all information you enter in via an app will be in the HealthVault.

Now go to the section, below, for the app you installed.

Using NoMoreClipboard

Get To Work
. With all the information you have at hand…

  1. Login to NoMoreClipboard.
  2. Click the name of the member whose info you will enter .
  3. Begin entering your information.

1. Sign In to NoMoreClipboard


2. Click the name of the member


3. Begin entering the information

Using Other Apps

You may find many more apps that will enable you to maintain a more complete PHR. Among those to consider installing next are Heart360 and LabCorp Beacon.



LabCorp Beacon


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