Installing NoMoreClipboard

The process of installing a HealthVault app, although not daunting, is still a bit involved, so complete the steps, carefully, as you install the NoMoreClipboard app in HealthVault.

info-iconSpecial Note. This will be the procedure for installing the NoMoreClipboard app for the primary, i.e. first, PHR in HealthVault, and for allowing NoMoreClipboard to access the PHR of another person added to the same Healthvault account.
traffic_lightInstalling NoMoreClipboard for a PHR. Complete these steps. Following this list are screen snapshots for some of them.
PDF Checklist →

  1. Sign in to HealthVault.
    1a. If this for the PHR of another person added to the HealthVault,
    then click Switch person. beneath the photoand
    2b. select that person, first.
  2. Click get some apps. (lower right of Home page)
  3. Type NoMoreClipboard in search box.
  4. Click on NoMoreClipboard app.
  5. Click Get the app. –After which you are in NoMoreClipboard–
  6. Log in with your NoMoreClipboard username and password.
  7. Enter first & last names, sex, DOB, click Submit & Proceed , then Finish. –After which you are back in HealthVault–
  8. Select persoon whose info NoMoreClipboard is to access, then click the Continue button.
  9. Click the Allow access button to authorize NoMoreClipboard to access info in HealthVault.
    –you should be back in HealthVault with the NoMoreClipboard app showing installed–


Step 2. Click Get some apps now


Step 3. Type in search box, NoMore                            Step 4.Click Get this app


Step 5. Click Get this app

NoMoreClipboard.com_-_Demographics__Boop__Betty_ 2

Step 7. Enter name, sex, DOB


Step 9. Click Allow access button


Adding NoMoreClipboard Access for other PHR in HealthVault

info-iconAdditional NoteNoMoreClipboard allows, as does HealthVault, multiple PHR in a single NoMoreClipboard account.

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