Decide Which HealthVault App to Add First

Beginner’s Guide – 1. Getting Started/ ←

It recommendation that NoMore Clipboard  be the first HealthVault app to install and use. You need to know as much as possible about it before you answer the question: which one to install?

info-iconImportant Features.

  • These app creates its own PHR, independent of HealthVault.
  • The data in their PHR can be synced with HealthVault.
  • The PHR includes some health information that is not currently stored in HealthVault.
  • Information entry is enhanced–more sophisticated and better supported–in these apps.

So let’s begin.

traffic_lightGetting to Know The App. A good place to start is with the app website and the brief introductory video.*

  1. View the NoMoreClipboard video.
  2. Visit the NoMoreClipboard website and explore it, noting as much as you can about its features.
  3. Check these selected reviews.
  4. Return to the app website and sign up for your free account (you can upgrade, later if you wish).
  5. Now, you are ready to install the app. Continue on to
    Installing NoMoreClipboard.


*Note: This is Flash video which is not viewable on Apple iOS mobile devices , i. e., iPad and iPhone.

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