Beginner’s Guide – 1. Getting Started

2. Adding More Information →


info-iconBefore Getting Started. If you haven’t already, explore the contents of the Introductions for Health IT and HealthVault on the menu bar.

This is a simple, bare-bones guide for PHR and HealthVault beginners. While this weblog, in general, is intended to inform beginners about the personal health record (PHR), HealthVault, Healthvault apps, and related health information technology, the Beginners’ Guide is intended, more specifically, to guide beginners, step-by-step:

first, in  creating a HealthVault account and PHR, and selecting and installing the first HealthVault app; and

second, in expanding effective and meaningful use of personal health records (PHR), HealthVault (HV), and related apps, devices, and health information technology (Health IT).

infoRecommendation . Create a basic HealthVault PHR and, also, install a selected, enabling app.

1. Getting Started

sum2Objective #1. For beginners to create a HealthVault account and PHR, and to install a recommended app for HealthVault, easily and successfully, without encountering any substantial problems.

traffic_lightCreate a HealthVault PHR. Here are the steps to follow to create a basic HealthVault PHR:

info-iconLink to PDF. Details → marks a link to a PDF providing more details. It may be viewed online or printed out for use as a checklist.

Steps 1-4 Details →

1. Create your HealthVault account and your first PHR.

1a. Create a Microsoft account, first, if you don’t already have one. Details →

1b. Continue creating your HealthVault account and PHR. Details →

2. Examine your basic PHR record in HealthVault, but don’t add or change any information, yet. Details →

3. Add a photo to the PHR, now or later. Details →

4. Decide which HealthVault app to add, first, to enhance entry of your health information. Details →

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