Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started with NoMoreClipboard

1.1 Installing NoMoreClipboard Checklist

1.2 Installing NoMoreClipboard

2. Using an App to Add More Information

2.1 Using NoMoreClipboard

2.2 Keeping HealthVault PHR & App PHR in Sync

2.3 Add & Using Other Apps

2.3.1 Adding & UsingHeart360

3. Using Blue Button & CCR/CCD to Get & Add Information

3.0 PDF Checklists

3.1 Download Formats: Blue Button & CCR/CCD


3.2 Using Blue Button to Get and Add Information

3.3 Using CCR/CCD to Get & Add Information

4. Creating an Emergency Health Record

4.0 PDF Checklists

4.1 Creating a Emergency PHR Sheet

4.2 Creating a Wallet Card

5. Adding PHR for Other Family Members

5.0 PDF Checklist

6. Sharing  Information in the PHR

6.0 PDF Checklists

6.1 Using HealthVault to Share with Family & Providers

6.2 Giving Family Members Access to HealthVault

6.3 Using an App to Share with Providers

6.3.1 Using NoMoreClipboard &  cc:Me

7. Advanced  Topics

7.1 The PHR4us Forum

7.2 Problems & Troubleshooting

7.3 Supporting PHR4us

Appendix – PDF Checklists

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