PHR Reviews

PHR Reviews & Apps | PHRsToday (Current)

Are Personal Health Records Safe? A Review of Free Web-Accessible Personal Health Record Privacy Policies (July-August 2012)

Blue Button

More New VA Blue Button Features for 2013 (July 2013)

They Are YOUR Medical Records. Will The Blue Button Help You Get Them?
June 2013)

Medicare Blue Button PHR | Medicare Blue Button Reviews (August 2012)

HealthVault  Reviews

Microsoft Healthvault: Your Personal Health And Fitness Application. | Windows.AppStorm (April 2013)

Microsoft HealthVault PHR | Microsoft HealthVault Reviews (October 2012)

Microsoft HealthVault | The iPhoneMom (September 2012)

HealthVault App Reviews

 NoMoreClipboard  Reviews

No More ClipBoard Reviews (May 2013)

Usable Health IT: NoMoreClipboard PHR Improves Seniors’ Outcomes
(April 30, 2013)

Capzule PHR  Review

PHRsToday Review of Capzule PHR (October 2013)

Focus on Lymphoma  Comments

Focus On Lymphoma (Fall 2013)

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