Adding an App

Adding HealthVault-enabled apps to HealthVault is not too daunting a task. Microsoft provides some help for it. However, there are a few important issues that a new user, especially, will face.

Microsoft’s App Help →

What is an app?
What kinds of apps are available?
Why do apps need access to my HealthVault information?
Where can I see a list of the apps I have authorized to access my HealthVault record?
How do I remove an app’s access to my HealthVault record?
Why isn’t information I added in my app showing up in my HealthVault record?
Why isn’t information I added in HealthVault showing up in my app?
I’m having trouble with an app. Who should I contact?
If I delete information in my HealthVault record, will it automatically delete from apps I use too?


info-iconAdd Apps Multiple Times. One of the issues you will encountered when you begin to install apps is that apps must be installed (given access) separately for each PHR.

info-iconIndividual Microsoft Accounts Required. While one HealthVault account may accommodate personal health records (PHR) for several persons (even pets), some HealthVault-enabled apps require that each PHR have a separate account.

Installing Recommended Apps

PHR4us provides guidance for installing selected apps, including:

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