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Mobile Health Technology: Its Future & Its Ethics

Two recent events–Apple’s introduction of iOS 8, Health App, and HealthKit, and  the upgrade of Windows MSN Health & Fitness App for  the Windows Phone–herald significant advances and the eventual ubiquity of mobile apps technology in health and fitness monitoring,  maintenance, care, and personal health … Continue reading

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23andMe – ‘Cooing’ and ‘Wooing’

If you have considered obtaining your genetic information from 23andMe or elsewhere (and including it in your PHR), then you might want to inform yourself on the issues before proceeding. If there’s a gene for hubris, the 23andMe crew has certainly … Continue reading

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In Case of Emergency

The latest additions (and improvement) to the PHR4us weblog are the 1.0 [beta] version of ICEmaker and the new notice, Put ICE on it!, a link to two new pages imploring folks to put ICE (In Case of Emergency) information on  their iOS or Android mobile … Continue reading

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Health Apps: Where Do They Make Sense

Health Apps-Where do they make sense?, a white paper published March 2014 and based on a seminar held at the King’s Fund, London, 28 October 2013, summarizes issues related to health apps from the perspectives of patients, standards, and policies. The seminar’s … Continue reading

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PHR Resulted in Improved Quality of Care and Use of Services

A recent Emory University study concluded, “Having a personal health record resulted in significantly improved quality of medical care and increased use of medical services among patients. Personal health records could provide a relatively low-cost scalable strategy for improving medical … Continue reading

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Patients to Have Right to Access Lab Test Result Data – Finally!

For those of us who are trying to develop, maintain, and use a comprehensive patient health record (PHR)–whether it be paper or electronic, using a notebook, file system, HealthVault, or some other electronic PHR–this is really good news: finally, patients … Continue reading

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Synchronicity and ‘Secret Sauce’

Wouldn’t you know: The other day, on our way home from the oncologist nearly 100 miles away, we stopped at our favorite, world class Bar-B-Q joint, Jim ‘N Nick’s.  We ordered big so we’d have enough take-home for at least … Continue reading

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