Help! A Call for PHR4us Beta Testers

September 4, 2013. While some minor changes may still be needed, PHR4us is now ready for some serious use.

testers_wantedHowever I still am looking for a few volunteers who know very little about PHRs and HealthVault and who have yet to create a HealthVault account and PHR:

  • to explore PHR4us to learn enough to get started, i.e.,
    • to understand what a PHR and HealthVault are and why they are important;
    • to create a HealthVault account and PHR; and
    • to install one of the two recommended HealthVault apps; and then
  • to give some useful feedback, letting me know
    • what’s clear, what’s not;
    • what works, what doesn’t; and
    • suggesting additions, corrections, and other changes.

So if you’re a newcomer to PHR and HealthVault, please consider setting aside an hour or so and being a PHR4us beta tester.

You don’t have to do the entire weblog, just enough to complete the tasks listed, above. Of course, if you decide to do the full monty, that would really be appreciated, too.

info-iconSending Feedback. It’s easy: You can do it whenever you encounter a problem or issue–maybe even something you like. Just click Feedback on the menu bar, enter your feedback, and send it.

If and when you are ready to begin, go to PHR4us (and bookmark it). Then send me a message via Feedback to let me know you’ onboard, alpha testing.

Also, if you know someone else who might be a newcomer, interested, and a good beta tester, please forward the link to this page to them.

And if by chance you are already in the know about PHRs and HealthVault, I’d like hearing from you, too. Just be sure to indicate your level of knowledge and expertise in your feedback.

Whatever you decide, thanks for your time and for considering this call for help.

– Tom

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