About PHR4us


PHR4us, Personal Health Records for Us, is a new weblog for beginners, intended to inform and guide those of us who want to create, develop, maintain and use our own personal health records. In this weblog I will attempt to identify, select, organize, and present information in a reference and  ‘guide’ to the very best–the most informative and useful–information on the internet about personal health records, the Microsoft HealthVault, and some very handy tools–web-based applications and computer and mobile device apps–which make the job of accessing, managing, and using your personal health records stored in the HealthVault.

Occasionally, I will add news about the weblog and new developments which will appear as posts on the front homepage; but most of the content I develop for the weblog will appear on pages accessed via items on the menu bar and drop-down menus and via links on the posts and pages.

The weblog will be a work-in-progress and so initially it will be sparse and incomplete. However, over time posts and new pages will be added and old ones revised, so please check back often and revisit pages you may have seen before, looking for important changes and additions.

– Tom Nielsen, EdD
June 30, 2013

Update for Version 1.0

During the past three months I have worked on the design and development of PHR4us, and now it is ready to be published as version 1.0. In coming months I intend to develop it further.  My hope is that it will be accepted, used, and shared; that others will contribute to its development; that, eventually, it will begin to fulfill the Vision and Mission I have stated, below.

– Tom
September 23, 2013

PHR4us Vision

Patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers who understand and use–comfortably, appropriately, and effectively–personal health records (PHR) and related health information technology (Health IT) to maintain, use, and share, and health information to improve healthcare, health status and outcomes, and healthcare cost effectiveness.

PHR4us Mission

To offer for patients, guardians, and caregivers–especially those who are not health information technology professionals–a weblog to inform and guide them and a forum for seeking, finding, and sharing information about personal health records (PHR), HealthVault, enabling HealthVault apps and devices, and related health information technology.