Emerging Portal Features – Not a Moment Too Soon

I suspect that most of us who have used a number of patient portals have found them, in general, superficial, and generally lacking is essential features, such as secure messaging, open notes, and informative visualization of time-series data (e.g., plots/graphs of such test results as trending blood counts).

A recent article, Optimizing Patient Portals in 2015 – Part 1, reports that

Those who have had portals for some time are leaders in the field and innovators. These organizations are looking at customization and optimization as well as adding new, helpful features. These include:

One indicator of the move toward optimization is the growing number of institutions replacing their patient portal solution according to HIMSS Analytics.

As members of Parliament are often heard, saying, “Here, here!” For some of us these helpful features won’t come soon enough; for they are not just helpful, they are essentially meaningful.

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  1. phr4us2 says:

    I just came upon a year-old ‘special report’ on EHR and patients’ access, use, an experiences in Vermont’s health care system. It is an excellent article, informative and full of insights, despite systems changes there, differences in other states, and developments–or not–since the article was published. It’s well worth a reading for the issues and perspectives offered in the article and comments. See: http://vtdigger.org/2014/03/23/special-report-feds-require-electronic-records/.

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