Smartphones: Tilting Control from Physicians to Patients

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Dr Eric Topel–physician/cardiologist, Chair of Innovative Medicine, Professor of Genomics, Director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute, and Medscape Editor-in-Chief (WebMD)–wrote the enlightening, must-read January 9, 2015 Saturday Essay for the Wall Street Journal. In it he explains how and why the smartphone, in particular, will revolutionize medicine and healthcare, tilting control of healthcare from physicians to patients.


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He illustrates his forecasts by describing smartphone and related technologies already developed and in use, and by extrapolating from them to future technologies and healthcare scenarios in which patients, smartphones, and adjunct technologies prevail.

The trip to the immanent future of healthcare Dr Topel narrates in the essay and in his book is a fantastic voyage which no one should miss.   Continue →

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